Reference News Roundup (Vol. 3)

Greetings Papercutters! It’s Friday, and you know what that means … Beer and heavy metal! Well, maybe … if that’s what you’re into. Whatever you drink and  listen to, Friday is Reference News Roundup Day, so here is you weekly dose of wordy news to keep your brain busy … while you try to kill it with alcohol and loud music!


Anyhoo…. I know I let this slip last week, but I was redoing my kitchen, so cut me some slack (it was a lot of work!). Hopefully, I’ve made up for my substandard performance with this week’s installment, which contains a bunch of great stuff, including my “News Item of the Week.”

So with no further adieu, here is this week’s installment of The Papercut’s Reference News Roundup.

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News Item of the Week:

Why Are They ‘Stars’?

“It makes so much sense to refer to certain kinds of celebrities as ‘stars.’ At their heights, those people inspire the rest of us. They shine, larger than life, above us, and around us…. But: Why are they ‘stars,’ specifically? Why is Hollywood’s Walk of Fame populated by pentagrams of pale pink, rather than some other arbitrary shape?”

Holy F–K, if this doesn’t sound like something I write for this blog, then I don’t know what does. Maybe I’ve been cloned without my knowledge….

I. News

Merriam-Webster Tweet Corrects Conway’s Definition of Feminism

“Everyone in political life can expect to encounter criticism, perhaps especially on Twitter.

“But when you wind up getting repeatedly publicly corrected by one of America’s most respected dictionaries, that’s a bit out of the ordinary.

“Kellyanne Conway, a top adviser to President Donald Trump, knows how that feels … [Yeah because she keeps using words incorrectly – Ed.]”

Next to the country training eagles to take drones out of the air, the stories about Merriam-Webster’s continued “trolling” of the TrumpNuts brings me immense joy. Here’s a recap of just a handful of them. Note how much play this is getting from media sources around the globe.

How Merriam-Webster’s dictionary is trolling the Trump administration

Trump’s most erudite troll is the Merriam-Webster dictionary

Team Trump’s greatest enemy on Twitter? A dictionary

Dictionary Merriam-Webster has totally schooled Kellyanne Conway on the definition of feminism

II. New Dictionary Entries

Oxford Dictionary Proves It’s Totally With It By Adding ‘Squad Goals,’ ‘Yas’ and ‘Drunk Text’

Oxford Dictionaries adds ‘yas,’ ‘squad goals,’ ‘cat lady’

#SquadGoals Is Now In The Dictionary

Clicktivism and fitspiration among 300 new words in online Oxford dictionary

III. Of (Possible) Interest:

Study: Bot-on-Bot Editing Wars Raging on Wikipedia’s pages

“Beneath the surface of Wikipedia lies a murky world of enduring conflict. A new study from computer scientists has found that the online encyclopedia is a battleground where silent wars have raged for years…. The more the bots (aka: software robots) came into contact with one another, the more they became locked in combat, undoing each other’s edits and changing the links they had added to other pages.

Another reason why electronic references are suspect ….

New Financial Terms Dictionary Offers Article Style Description [WARNING: This is a press release!]

My Word: Sheila

Hawaiian Word of the Day: Ki’pu’upu’u

The Finnish word “kalsarikannit” gives new life to your routine weekend plans

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