The BLRL’s Collection


The Butter Lamb Reference Library (BLRL) contains more than 250 references* and is always expanding. The following is a complete list of the books on the BLRL’s shelves (as of 8/17/2021) arranged by subject. At the end of the list are some supplementary notes.

Oxford Dictionary of Abbreviations

Glossary of Accounting

Facts on File Dictionary of Classical, Biblical, and Literary Allusions
Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Allusions

Penguin Dictionary of Architecture

Books on References
Chasing the Sun
Picturesque Word Origins
Alpha to Omega
Brief History of Encyclopedias
Word Origins
Professor and the Madmnan
The Meaning of Everything
Word By Word
Defining the World

Webster’s Biographical Dictionary

Books and Printing
American Dictionary of Printing and Bookmaking

Dictionary of Cliches

Construction Dictionary

Critical Theory
Oxford Dictionary of Critical Theory

Webster’s Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

Doomsday Dictionary
Dictionary of Global Culture
Dictionary of Cultural Literacy
Concise Glossary of Cultural Theory

Dreamers Dictionary
Dream Dictionary from A to z
Dream Dictionary
Watkins Dictionary of Dreams

Columbia Encyclopedia
Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature (multi-volume set)
Practical Encyclopedia of Gardening in Dictionary Form
Encyclopedia of Hell
The Way Things Work: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Technology
Focal Encyclopedia of Photography
Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework
Reader’s Encyclopedia
Columbia Viking Desk Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia of the Book

Dictionary of Eponyms

Webster’s New Explorer Dictionary of Word Origins
NTC’s Dictionary of Word Origins
Dictionary of Word Roots And Combining Forms
Dictionary of Word Origins (Shipley)
Concise Dictionary of English Etymology
Origins: A Short Etymological Dictionary of Modern English
Dictionary of Word Origins (Ayto)
Chambers Dictionary of Etymology
Oxford Dictionary of Word Histories
Facts on File Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins
Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins

Faber Dictionary of Euphemism
Rawson’s Dictionary of Euphemisms and Other Doubletalk
Devil’s Dictionary
Doublespeak Dictionary
Dictionary of Bullshit
Dictionary of Republicanisms

Fictional Characters
Dictionary of Fictional Characters

Barron’s Dictionary of Financial Investment Terms

The Film Snob’s Dictionary

Larousse Dictionary of World Folklore
Dictionary of Fairies

Collins Latin Gem Dictionary
Klingon Dictionary
Oxford Latin Dictionary
Routledge Dictionary of Latin Quotations
Cassell’s Latin Dictionary
Cassell’s Italian Dictionary
New Cassell’s German Dictionary
Dictionary and Grammar of the Eastern Island Language
Dictionary of Foreign Terms

General Dictionary
Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary
Oxford English Reference Dictionary
Random Houss Dictionary of the English Language
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (1992)
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (1969)
World Book Dictionary (Vol. 1 And 2)
Longman Dictionary of American English
Webster’s Third New International Dictionary
Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary
Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary
The Volume Library
Shorter Oxford English Dictionary
Reader’s Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary: A to Z
Courtis-Watters Illustrated Golden Dictionary for Young Readers
Webster’s New World College Dictionary (4th Edition)
Microsoft Encarta College Dictionary
Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language
Webster’s Eleventh New Collegiate Dictionary
Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary
Webster’s New World Dictionary (Senior Edition)
Reader’s Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary (vol. 3)
Winston Dictionary (1957)
Dictionary of American Regional English (vol. 1)
B.B. New Nuttall’s Dictionary
Johnson’s Dictionary: A Modern Selection
National Dictionary (1940)
Donohue’s Standard New Century (1914)
Webster’s Dictionary
New Webster’s Dictionary and Roget’s Thesaurus
Wordsworth School Dictionary
School and Office Dictionary
Everyday American English Dictionary
Comprehensive Desk Dictionary A-K and L-Z

Dictionary of Graphology

Oxford Dictionary of Geography
Merriam Webster Geographical Dictionary

Ideas and Theories
Dictionary of Theories
QPB Dictionary of Ideas
Isms: A Compendium of Concepts, Doctrines, Traits, & Beliefs

Idiom Savant
NTC’s American Idiom Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary of Journalism

Black’s Law Dictionary
Law Dictionary

Oxford Book of American Literary Anecdotes
Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms
Reader’s Guide to Literary Terms
Oxford Companion to American Literature
Blake Dictionary
Oxford Guide to British Women Writers

Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics

Universal Encyclopedia of Mathematics

Mosby’s Medical & Nursing Dictionary
Duncan’s Dictionary for Nurses
Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
Pocket Medical Dictionary
Stedman’s Medical Dictionary
Blakiston’s New Gould Medical Dictionary
Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary
American Illustrated Medical Dictionary
Medical Dictionary and Health Manual

The Browser’s Book of Beginnings
A Book about a Thousand Things
Dictionary of Misinformation
Myth Information
Dictionary of Bad Manners
Webster’s Dictionary Game

The Rock Snob’s Dictionary
Music Theory Dictionary
Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music
Concise Oxford Dictionary of Opera
Lectionary of Music
Harvard Dictionary of Music
Encyclopedia of Music and Musicians

Dictionary of Classical Mythology, Religion, Literature, and Art
The Dictionary of World Myth
Penguin Dictionary of Classical Mythology
Dictionary of Mythology
Dictionary of Imaginary Places

Name Dictionary

International Dictionary of Obscenity
F Word

Phrase and Fable
Brewer’s Dictionary of 20th Century Phrase and Fable
Oxford Dictionary of Phrase and Fable

Random House Dictionary of Proverbs
Penguin Dictionary of Proverbs

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Psychology
Oxford Dictionary of Psychology
Psychiatric Dictionary
Freud Dictionary of Psychanalysis

Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion
New Dictionary of Existentialism
Oxford Companion to Philosophy
A Dictionary of Existentialism
Philosophical Dictionary (Voltaire)
A Dictionary of Philosophy (Flew)
A Dictionary of Philosophy
Philosophical Dictionary
Philosophy (Harper Collins)

Poet’s Dictionary
Wilsatch’s Dictionary of Similes
Similes Dictionary
Shakespeare Lexicon and Quotation Dictionary

Dictionary of Political Thought
Dictionary of American Social Reform

Dictionary of Film Quotation
Bloomsbury Treasury of Quotations
New Dictionary of Thought

Dictionary of All Scriptures and Myths
Dictionary of Saints
Abingdon Dictionary of Living Religions
Penguin Dictionary of Religions
Oxford Dictionary of Popes
Watkins Dictionary of Religion and Secular Faiths
Pictorial Bible Dictionary
Bible Dictionary (Peloubet’s)
Dictionary of the Bible (Mckenzie)
Davis Dictionary of the Bible
Bible Dictionary (Harper Collins)
Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Basic Catholic Dictionary
Catholic Dictionary (Stravinskas)
Catholic Dictionary
New Concise Catholic Dictionary

Science Class You Wish You Had
New York Public Library Science Desk Reference
Dictionary of Scientific Literacy
Dictionary of Science and Creationism
Dictionary of Natural Resources
Dictionary of Forestry
Penguin Dictionary of Biology

Sign Language
Signed English Dictionary

A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English
American Slang
Thesaurus of Slang
The Slang of Sin
Dictionary of the Old West
Dictionary of The Vulgar Tongue
Official CB Dictionary

Special Dictionary
Dictionary of Problem Words and Expressions
Reverse Dictionary
The Dictionary of Confusable Words
Ultimate Visual Dictionary
Wicked Words
Dictionary of Uncommon Words
Descriptionary: A Thematic Dictionary
Dictionary of Obsolete English
The Highly Selective Dictionary for the Extraordinarily Literate
When Is a Pig a Hog
There’s a Word for It
The Word Lover’s Dictionary

Mammoth Dictionary of Symbols
Penguin Dictionary of Symbols
Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art
Herder Symbol Dictionary
Dictionary of Symbols (Cirlot)
Continuum Encyclopedia of Symbols
Dictionary of Symbols
Dictionary of Symbolism
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols

How Did It Begin?
Cassell Dictionary of Superstitions

Blackwell Dictionary of Sociology
Penguin Dictionary of Sociology

Rogets Thesaurus
Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus
Comprehensive Word Guide
Thinker’s Thesaurus
Crabb’s English Synonyms
Synonym Finder
Webster’s Dictionary of Synonyms

Current English Usage
Dictionary of Modern English Usage
Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar
Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage

Words & Phrases (Misc.)
Dictionary of Animal Words and Phrases
Capricorn Rhyming Dictionary
One-letter Words
Heavens to Betsy

Writing References
Elements of Style
Writer’s Reference

Robotics Sourcebook and Dictionary


Use of the word “references” here refers to general dictionaries, subject-area dictionaries, subject-area encyclopedias, and thesauri. I’ve also included some books on references that provide information on the development of dictionaries over the centuries and provide context on the various approaches to and trends in lexicography displayed in the BLRL’s collection. It does not include a significant number of other volumes in the BLRL’s holdings that straddle the line between non-fiction and reference, such as writing guides, how-to books, field guides, and the like.

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