Butter Lamb Press

The BLRL recently launched a new publications division. Please check out the following titles and stay tuned for more!



Alternative Incite

Alternative Incite encourages readers to give in to their creative impulses and exercise their right to be bizarre, different, and/or peculiar in the interest of personal satisfaction and the greater good. Note: This publication IS NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE.


Contents of Issue #1 include: An introductory rant about getting off your ass and doing the thing, hot takes on important articles you (probably) haven’t read, an op-ed about “getting off the hamster wheel,” an examination of the “new normal” (whatever that is), adventures in anachronism (aka: life lived off-line), an interview with musician Suvo Sur (who produces scores for award-winning films and podcasts), advice and insight from the Butter Lamb Reference Library, and a remembrance of and shout out to the “Doyenne of Dictionaries.” Specs: 40 pages, size: 7 x 8.5 (half-size legal)


The Butter Lamb’s Most Acceptable Posts

The Butter Lamb's Most Acceptable Posts is a one-off, zine-style compendium of the BLRL Blog's best.



Jailed By My Father: Tales of Tough Love, Bad Haircuts, and O.J.

The title says it all. The short stories in this book are all true and in some cases, regrettably so. There is no theme, no plot, and no lesson. They are simply the unfortunate stories of a very fortunate boy. Oh, and they're laugh-out-loud funny



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