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Alternative Incite magazine encourages readers to follow their positive creative impulses and celebrates those who do. Each issue features interviews, columns, reviews, and an inspiring “parting shot” that highlights people who’ve made a dent on the world by following their creativity. NOTE: When ordering, please be sure to specify which issue you want and include an email where we can get in touch if we need to. (Sometimes there are problems with the post office.)


ISSUE #4 – SUMMER 2021 (current issue): Alternative Incite #4 features thoughts on the Memento Mori craze, an interview with zine veteran Davida Gypsy Breier, all the usual departments and commentary you’ve come to expect, letters from readers, another HUGE reviews column featuring zinedom’s latest and greatest, intriguing photos, and a bonus “Parting Shot” interview with a young man who built a roller coaster in his backyard! Check it out!

Reviews of Alternative Incite:

“This zine is lovely. It’s 44 pages of the author and contributors encouraging people to be creative. It isn’t simply about producing, it is about enjoying the act of creating and that includes daydreaming/doing nothing/thinking/walking. There is also an element of perzine and learn about the editor’s woodworking and strange experiences attempting to get furniture from Craigslist. We also learn about his art project involving a cheap grandfather clock. Solid [letters] section. Thoughful response to an article in The Conversation, taking the writer to task for not doing better research. Well-written, well-designed, well-worth your time.” – Davida Gypsy Breier review of Alternative Incite #3 in Xerography Debt #50.

“This is an engaging publication, with eye-pleasing fonts and intriguing photographs. It is insightful enough that I keep thinking of it as Alternative Insight, but I am mistaken! Alternative Incite is well worth the requested $[4]!” – Markell Raphaelson West, review of Alternative Incite #1 in Xerography Debt #49

“… Expertly assembled with high quality printing standards and reproduction of photos. It’s uniqueness comes mainly from the content and subject matter of the articles within; I found the writing and presentation to be excellent.” – Ken Bausert, review of Alternative Incite #1 in Xerography Debt #49

“Hopefully, lots of people will find $[4] to send Joe, get the zine, and then find themselves creatively inspired.” – Fred Argoff, review of Alternative Incite #1 in Xerography Debt #49

“This is the most well-organized and clean-looking zine I’ve read.” – review of Alternative Incite #2 in Razorcake, Issue #121

“…Well written through out … great photography and image production…” – review of Alternative Incite #1 in Node Pajomo (Issue 2.6, March 2021)


Issue #3 Spring 2021: Offers  more introductory ranting and raving about following the creative impulse, letters from (actual) readers, Thoughts Provoked by misuse of the word acedia and people who treat walking like it’s a job, more Notes from the Field — including a yarn about walking around town with a large grandfather clock, an interview with graphic designer and font maker Travis Miller, a huge review section, Dear Butter Lamb (letters from fake readers), and a Parting Shot about a man who rowed a Victorian bathtub across the English Channel. Specs: 44 pages, size: 7 x 8.5 (half-size legal)

ISSUE #2 – FALL 2020 (current issue): This issue features introductory remarks about how following your creative impulses can help you cope with all the bullshit, more hot takes on thought-provoking articles you (probably) haven’t read, more adventures in anachronism (aka: life lived off-line), interview with stand-up comic Rob Gavin and Barbershop singer Dan Hawrylczak, a HUGE review column, and a “Parting Shot” about what can happen when a man starts a ball of twine. Specs: 40 pages, size: 7 x 8.5 (half-size legal)

ISSUE #1 – SPRING 2020: This issue features an introductory rant about getting off your ass and doing the thing, hot takes on important articles you (probably) haven’t read, an op-ed about “getting off the hamster wheel,” an examination of the “new normal” (whatever that is), adventures in anachronism (aka: life lived off-line), an interview with musician Suvo Sur (who produces scores for award-winning films and podcasts), advice and insight from the Butter Lamb Reference Library, and a remembrance of and shout out to the “Doyenne of Dictionaries.” Specs: 40 pages, size: 7 x 8.5 (half-size legal)

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Jailed By My Father: Tales of Tough Love, Bad Haircuts, and O.J.

The title says it all. The short stories in this book by J. Matthew Smith are all true (often regrettably so). There is no theme, no plot, and no lesson. They are simply the unfortunate stories of a very fortunate boy. (Oh, and they’re laugh-out-loud funny!)


The Butter Lamb’s Most Acceptable Posts

The Butter Lamb’s Most Acceptable Posts is a one-off, zine-style compendium of the BLRL Blog’s best.


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